The Grind and <3 to Our Donors

Aug 31, 2016

It’s funny as I type this just having gotten home from my day job, and I think how we all get up in the morning and do our part to contribute to society. We put in our hours, time that we could be spending with our families, our loved ones, but instead we are in an office or doing whatever we do. I think about how much we sacrifice for money, although I know that a lot of people enjoy what they do, I also know a lot of people do not. It is exhausting and tiring. Then I’ll get an email notifying me of a donation and it really blows my mind how you guys can give, despite the fact that working is a chore for most. It is so heartwarming and inspiring to know that someone out there is taking the dollars they earn each day by going to work and giving a portion of it to us to make films. The trust that you put in us is really astounding and it does not cease to amaze me how very lucky we are to have an audience that is so kind. Even reading the amount of negativity in other people’s YouTube channel comments, and comments on social media, people can be so nasty and unkind, however, I find that you guys, my audience is vastly loving and beautiful. I feel eternally grateful for this, I wonder sometimes if there is something I’m missing, as we expected the negative backlash to be much greater, but we have been so pleasantly surprised and no words will ever be enough to thank you all for your donations.

Some days it’s hard to get up and do the work, some days I’m tired, some days when I see that thousands have stolen our work I tend to lose a little hope and wonder if any of this is worth it, but then I see the positive, I read your emails, and I am so happy that our work moves you, you inspire me to learn more, to be better, to sharpen my craft to get to a place where our films can transport you to a place of joy and inspiration, and I know that this is what I am meant to do. Our crew is so very talented, we have so much love for what we do and we are glad that we get to serve YOU.

With that said. I’d like to thank our new team of producers!!!

Executive Producers

Dolores Juliano

Not just for your contributions but for your newfound friendship and correspondence. We are so lucky that you found us. We love you!

Linda Chan

A powerful woman who opened her heart to me and we shared many chats that were lovely and inspiring

Simone Koch

We haven’t spoken but we love you!


Mary Alexander

Thanks for the chats and for the conversations from time to time <3

Susan Yandel

We also haven’t spoken but we love you too!!

Of course, a million thanks to ALL donors. Every dollar is important AND used and we hold all of you with high gratitude and kindness in our hearts.

Have a wonderful day! Know that we are still editing and reviewing footage. I don’t want to take any shortcuts with this film, I want you guys to really love it. So I’ll watch the same scene over and over to capture that one second that will be magic. Then we will meet with the editor and put it all together.

Soon I will get together with our Branding Expert to begin working on a poster and website so please be patient as we as trying to do it all and so far we are a group of 4 women (Imagine all the power!!).

Much love,

Astrid and the Recluse Team


Created by Recluse Films


New York, NY