Rough Cut

Oriana Oppice on set for Road of Bygones

Apr 10, 2017

Hello Everyone!!

A little update on “Stray”… Last night we nearly finished the rough edit for “Stray” (we have two small scenes left that we will finish next week). Since we are almost done, we’ve strung together all the scenes and have a very nice rough edit! I will be working on temp music and hunting for details to try to bring this rough closer to a final cut. We have received submissions from a lot of talented musicians, so in the coming weeks I will be going through prospective tracks and artists, as well as connecting with composers.

Music is one of my favorite aspects of filmmaking so I am very much looking forward to this next chapter in the journey of “Stray.” ALSO, this week I will have some time to take Drony Foster to capture a few aerial shots and “beautify” this picture. Hopefully, she doesn’t decapitate any children, or just dive into the middle of a lake…We’ll see.

As far as the title, we decided there are way too many “Stray” movies out there, so it’s best for visibility to reassess the title of the film. So in the next few days, maybe even later this week, “Stray” will have a new title that will make it easier for our community and our future audience to find the film.

As of now, the film stands at 1hr and 7min, so our guess is that the final cut will be around 1hour and 20min. I look forward to continuing our progress and sharing it with you! Thanks to everyone who has contributed financially and to our new Executive Producer, without you, I may have had to take up residence at the Moulin Rouge as a courtesan (which I may still do, for fun).

Much love,



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