...and We're Back!

Astrid Ovalles, Oriana Oppice, Sarah Jo

August, 8 2016

The process of filming “Stray” is now complete. Thanks to the ingenuity of our Director of Photography Valentina Caniglia and the tech crew who worked tirelessly for 8 days straight with very little sleep, we managed to do the impossible (even though I don’t like that word!).

A little rant about being a woman director… As I was in the process of hiring crew and especially a cinematographer I found 99% of the people I spoke with felt the need to a)Give me advice about why my timeline and budget wouldn’t work, b) without knowing a single thing about me say that they didn’t think it was possible, c) discourage me right away, d) make sure I knew that they were too good for me. If you are a female, and you find that people speak to you this way and this discourages you, let me just tell you… DON’T LET IT. You know what you are capable of, if you plan, you budget, you think every little thing through, you can do what you have in mind. Remember that you are capable and you ARE completely free to do things in a new, imaginative way, and you do not need anyone’s approval or advice. Find people who are as interested in being innovative (as we did) as you are, and move forward.

NOW…stepping away from my soapbox… I’ve been in the process of watching the footage and taking notes in preparation for our edit and I am so very happy with what we have done. The 8 days of filming were so intense and we used such a large amount of adrenaline that afterwards I couldn’t think about the film, couldn’t think about doing much at all! But now I am back with fresh eyes and I am very excited to do this with every ounce of love I have in my heart. Please know that we do this for you, for each other, because we can’t fathom doing anything else, and because we feel your appreciation in your tweets, your emails, your Facebook messages. We read them all and we truly hear you. We want you to know that we hear you!

With that…I’ll share a few behind the scenes photos and I hope you will enjoy them.

Much Love,

Astrid and the Recluse Team


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New York, NY